Market Lane - Hacienda Carmina, Guatemala Filter
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Market Lane - Hacienda Carmina, Guatemala Filter

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Tasting Notes: Plum and dark chocolate with a heavy mouthfeel.
Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Variety: Bourbon & typica varieties 
Process: washed
Producer: Maria Zelaya (farm managed by Ricardo Zelaya)
Relationship Length: since 2008 (Hacienda Carmona since 2022)

Maria Zelaya Aguirre is the third generation of her family to produce coffee in Guatemala’s famous Antigua growing region. For decades, she grew coffee conventionally, using old-fashioned techniques, and sold it as commercial-grade beans. In 2012, however, the farm’s coffee plants were damaged by leaf rust and Maria decided to overhaul her agricultural program, in order to combat the disease and produce specialty-grade coffee.

Maria enlisted the help of her nephews Luis Pedro and Ricardo (our long-time producing partner) and together they overhauled and updated the farm’s growing, pest control and fertilisation practices. Ten years on, their efforts have resulted in healthier plants, greater yields and a huge improvement in coffee quality. Though Maria managed the farm into her eighties, she recently decided to transfer its management to her nephews, who now run it in the meticulous and professional manner they learned from their aunt.

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