Market Lane - Hadeso, Ethiopia Filter
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Market Lane - Hadeso, Ethiopia Filter

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Tasting Notes: Floral with stewed apricot and lime.
Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: JARC 74112
Process: washed
Producer: Testi Coffee (between 650-750 local coffee growers)
Relationship Length: since 2019

Hadeso is a washing station located in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, an area recognised internationally for its unique and distinctive coffees. The station is one of 20 owned and run by Testi Coffee, a family business founded by Faysel Yonis, whose coffee we’ve been offering since 2018.

At harvest time, around 700 producers deliver their ripe coffee cherries to the washing station to be carefully processed. The majority of these producers farm organically on small plots of land (2–5 hectares in size). Coffee is typically their main cash crop, and it’s grown alongside food crops like corn, grain and bananas.

This beautifully floral coffee was produced as part of Testi’s Premium Cherry Selection (PCS) program. Through PCS, Testi pays a premium to farmers who deliver only the ripest cherries from their farms. PCS coffees like this one exemplify the highest quality and cleanest cup profiles available from the washing station and wider region. In the cup, this coffee is floral and delicate, with notes of stewed apricot and lime.

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