Market Lane - La Esperanza, Colombia
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - La Esperanza, Colombia

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Tasting Notes: Melon and black tea with a sweet honey finish.
Recommended for Espresso.

Origin: China Alta, Colombia
Varieties: caturra & colombia
Process: washed
Producer: William Buitrago
Relationship Length: since 2019

La Esperanza is an 11–hectare farm, located in Colombia’s China Alta area and owned by William Buitrago and Aminta Mahocha Franco. Historically, China Alta was famous for its cattle, sugarcane and trout, but its reputation is slowly changing – over the last few decades, the region has gained recognition for the extremely high quality of the coffees grown here.

On our visit to La Esperanza in 2019, William and Aminta told us they had gifted a plot of land each to their children, Mauricio and Geraldina, to encourage them to learn about coffee and see a potential future in it. The pair hopes that specialty programs continue to develop and grow, as higher premiums are an incentive for young people to stay in the region and produce and cultivate beautiful coffees.

We learned on our visit that William only drinks coffee from his own farm. He told us, “It doesn’t seem fair to grow good coffee and have to drink bad coffee!" When we shared with William how much we enjoyed La Esperanza’s coffee at Market Lane, he said, “This is a great motivation. It’s one thing to get premiums, but another to get recognition from a part of the world so far away”.

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