Market Lane - La Llama, Bolivia (Filter)
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - La Llama, Bolivia (Filter)

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Tasting Notes: Red apple with a sweet nectarine finish.

Recommended for Filter.

OriginCaranavi, Bolivia
Rodríguez Family
Relationship length: 
since 2011

The Rodríguez family is well-known and respected for their hard work in boosting the quality and quantity of Bolivian specialty coffee. As well as training and supporting small producers, the family owns and runs 12 meticulously organised farms of their own.

La Llama is one of the family’s newer farms. It’s only been in harvest since 2017 and, though its production is still small, it’s of exceptional quality. La Llama is the highest in elevation of all the family’s farms, sitting over 1700 metres above sea level. At this elevation, temperatures are mild in the day and stable at night. This causes the coffee cherries to mature slowly, which leads to an increased concentration of sugars in the bean, ultimately producing a sweeter cup of coffee.

This lot of coffee is made up of caturra variety beans. At harvest time, the ripe coffee cherries were picked, sorted and depulped. The coffee was then placed in tanks without water and fermented for 72 hours. It was then thoroughly washed and carefully dried. The end result is a beautifully clean, sweet and elegant coffee.

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