Market Lane - La Maravilla, Guatemala
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - La Maravilla, Guatemala

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Tasting Notes: Heavy body with dark chocolate and apple.
Recommended for Filter.

Roasted on 22 Nov.

Producer Mauricio Rosales bought his 21-hectare farm in 1997 with his late father, Guillermo.
At the time, the father-son team had just three coffee plants and a dream of establishing a successful, progressive coffee farm. Over the years, with a lot of dedication, hard work, and support from other producers, the pair planted the farm out with coffee and built the infrastructure and processing facilities they needed. In recent years, La Maravilla has placed numerous times in
the Cup of Excellence competition, and is now known internationally as one of the best coffee
farms in Guatemala.

Guillermo passed away in 2005, having lived to realise the dream he and his son initially had for their farm. A few years ago, Mauricio’s son, Luis, a trained agronomist, joined him in the business. Now, again, there’s a father-son team working hard to keep La Maravilla’s coffee tasting as exquisite as always, as well as extending their support to dozens of neighbouring coffee farmers to help them improve the quality of their coffee.

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