Market Lane - Ruli, Rwanda Filter
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Market Lane - Ruli, Rwanda Filter

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Tasting Notes: Date and walnut with a soft orange acidity.
Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Northern Province, Rwanda
Variety: Red Bourbon 
Process: washed
Producer: Dukunde Kawa Cooperative
Relationship length: since 2009

Nowhere are our relationships stronger or more meaningful than with our coffee partners in Rwanda. We’ve been working with the Dukunde Kawa cooperative there for 14 consecutive years since we opened – their coffee was on the first pallet of beans we ever shipped to Melbourne!

Dukunde Kawa is an innovative and progressive cooperative that makes a point of investing in infrastructure and training to improve the quality of their coffee, and to support their members through a lifetime – not just a season – of sustainable coffee production.

This lot of coffee was grown by 248 producer-members who deliver their cherries to the
co-op’s Ruli washing station. The coffee was fastidiously wash processed by the washing station team, and then attentively dried on raised beds. In the cup, this coffee delivers lovely florals, a balanced acidity and a dried-fruit sweetness. We hope you enjoy this delicious Rwandan coffee

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