Market Lane - Sao Judas, Brazil
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - Sao Judas, Brazil

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Tasting Notes: Hazelnut with brown sugar and dried apple.
Recommended for Filter.

Process: Pulped Natural.
Variety: Catuai.
Region: Brazil Piata.

This coffee was produced by the inspiring, gregarious and talented producer couple Antônio and Terezinha Rigno de Oliveira. Antônio’s father and grandfather were coffee producers, and he has been working directly in coffee for over 40 years. The couple live on their 35-hectare farm, and they also have a tasting lab, a small roastery, a wet mill, and a café in town – which is run by Terezinha and serves their own coffee, of course.

The farm’s coffee has won numerous awards, including an incredible ten Cup of Excellence place wins – with 1st place wins in 2009 and 2014. The coffee’s exceptional quality can be attributed to the area’s fertile soil and high altitude, and the care taken at every stage of production. “Each coffee bean has the potential to be specialty, so I treat every single lot as though it could be the best,” Antônio told us.

Antônio is famous in his region for his generous mentorship and support of other coffee farmers, both new and established. He shares all his knowledge and techniques – and he mills other producers’ coffee for them on-site – because, as he explains, “Here, the people in Piata are like my family. I want to help them produce great coffee. It’s my duty and my joy”.

 The couple also places great emphasis on supporting their team of employees, many of whom have worked on the farm for over two decades. If a coffee does extremely well or wins an award, Antônio and Terezinha will often give them bonuses or even motorcycles, to thank them for their hard work on the farm throughout the seasons.

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