Market Lane - Seasonal Espresso
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Market Lane - Seasonal Espresso

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Tasting Notes: Toasted almond with red apple and brown sugar.
Recommended for Espresso.

While we love discovering new coffees, we also love establishing long-term relationships with producers based on mutual respect, transparency and a shared passion for high quality coffee. When this is the case, we eagerly await the arrival of their coffees in Australia, excited to see how this year’s lot is tasting. This espresso blend is made up of two coffees grown by long-time Market Lane producing partners.

Sempre Viva is a complex, distinct Brazilian coffee grown by the Borré family, who we’ve been working with since 2015. The family’s motto is ‘mindful coffee’, a reference to their commitment to acting mindfully and ensuring that their values – excellence, innovation, and environmental and social responsibility – inform the decisions they make and define how they do business. This coffee was grown on a small plot of land on Fazenda Progresso, the family’s farm, and it makes up 60% of the espresso.

El Fuerte is a sweet, heavy-bodied coffee produced in Bolivia by the Rodriguez family, who we’ve been buying coffee from since 2009. Pedro Rodriguez and his children Daniela and Pedro Pablo are committed to educating and supporting local producers, to help create a more sustainable future for the Bolivian coffee industry. They use their farms as model farms, where local producers can learn effective agricultural techniques – and where they can grow delicious coffees like El Fuerte, which makes up 40% of the blend.

These two coffees complement each other beautifully. In the cup, you’ll find notes of toasted almond, red apple and brown sugar.

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