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Market Lane - Seasonal Espresso

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Tasting Notes:Walnut and brown sugar with a blackcurrant finish.
Recommended for Espresso.

75% Santa Clara Estate
Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Varieties: bourbon, caturra
Process: washed
Producers: Ricardo Zelaya
Relationship length: since 2009

25% Ichuga
Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
Variety: SL28, SL34, ruiru 11 & batian
Process: washed
Producers: 703 local farmers (503 male and 200 female), members of the Kiama Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Society (FCS)
Relationship length: since 2022

This espresso blend is made up of two distinct washed process coffees. Santa Clara Estate (75%) is produced by Ricardo Zelaya, a fourth-generation farmer whose beautiful coffees we’ve been offering since 2009. Located in Guatemala’s famous Antigua growing region, Santa Clara benefits from the area’s mineral-rich volcanic soil. At harvest time, a team of highly trained pickers select the ripest coffee cherries. The cherries are then inspected at the farm’s wet mill before being meticulously wash processed.

Ichuga (25%) is produced by the Kiama Farmers’ Cooperative Society in Nyeri, Kenya. This area is known for its bright red, nutrient-rich volcanic soil, high elevations and cool climate, all of which contribute to the outstanding coffees produced there. 703 cooperative members deliver their ripe cherries to the Ichuga washing station (or ‘factory’ as it’s called locally). The coffee is carefully hand-sorted and then wash processed by the Ichuga team.

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