Market Lane - Sincora, Brazil
Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane - Sincora, Brazil

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Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate with hazelnut and golden syrup.
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Roasted on 22 Nov.

This coffee comes from the stunning Chapada Diamantina region in Brazil’s Bahia state. It was produced by the Borré family, who have been farming here since the 1980s. Their property, Fazenda Progresso, is now in its third generation of management under the young and motivated Fabiano Borré.

What we learnt when we first visited the family is that they don’t do anything by halves! When they decided to produce specialty coffee, they sought advice from top-level experts, and they invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure – including an on-site quality control lab, where their team tastes and evaluates every lot of coffee they produce.

“Each plot at Fazenda Progresso has different soil and different sun exposure, which makes the character of each lot of coffee distinct, even when the variety is the same,” says Toshi, our Brazil coffee buyer. “Sincorá is a small and special lot. It’s an easy-drinking coffee and it’s very sweet, clean and bright.”

Origin: Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Varieties: catuaí & topázio
Process: pulped natural process
Producer: Borré family
Relationship length: since 2015

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