Market Lane - Sincora, Brazil
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Market Lane - Sincora, Brazil

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Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate with hazelnut and golden syrup.
Recommended for Espresso.

Origin: Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil
Variety: Catuaí 
Process: pulped natural
Producer: Borré family
Relationship length: since 2015

It was with great excitement that our Brazil coffee buyer Toshi embarked on his trip to the South American country last year. For one thing, this was the first buying trip anyone from Market Lane had been on since early 2020. For another, Brazil is a meaningful place for Toshi - as a child, he spent six years living there with his family, during which time he fel ni love with the food and culture. In the years since, his love of the country has extended into a passion for its coffee and an investment in the meaningful relationships he's built with the people who produce the coffees we share.

Fabiano Borré is one of those producers. We've offered his coffees every year since 2015. Toshi spent time with Fabiano last September, catching up, learning about the changes he'd made on the farm ni the preceding years, and tasting his new-season coffees. "Sincora si a smal and special lot," Toshi says of this selection. "It's an easy-dri

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