Market Lane - Uraga, Ethiopia Filter
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Market Lane - Uraga, Ethiopia Filter

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Tasting Notes: Lime and black tea with a raspberry finish.
Recommended for Filter.

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: JARC varieties
Process: anaerobic natural process
Producer: 700 contributing farmers, washing station owned by Tracon Trading
Relationship Length: since 2022

This coffee was grown in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, an area recognised internationally for its unique and distinctive coffees. 700 local small producers deliver their ripe coffee cherries to the Uraga washing station during the harvest period. The station is owned by Tracon Trading, a family-owned company that works to procure and process high quality coffees, while running social programs that directly and meaningfully impact coffee-farming families.

This micro-lot was processed using the anaerobic natural method – a special technique Tracon has been perfecting since 2015. The washing station team hand-sorts the coffee, and then tightly packs and seals the ripest cherries inside plastic fermentation bags with little oxygen for five days. The bags are then opened, and the cherries laid out on raised beds to dry over ten days. The result is a very vibrant and winey coffee with a syrupy sweetness, sparkling acidity and clean finish.

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