Market Lane - Werka
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Market Lane - Werka

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Tasting Notes: Cherry and orange with a soft spice finish.
Recommended for Filter.

Process: Natural Process
Variety: JARC 74112
Region: Ethiopia West Arsi

Coffees from Ethiopia are some of the most elegant and nuanced in the world, often identifiable by scent alone. This Ethiopian coffee comes from the Werka washing station in the country’s southeast. Seven hundred and fifty smallholder producers deliver their ripe cherries to the station during the harvest period.

This coffee was processed using the natural method, which means the ripe coffee cherries were dried whole, in the sun, with the beans still inside. This method requires an extremely close attention to detail in order to be done well. This is the most common form of coffee processing in Ethiopia and, through generations of tradition, knowledge and experience, Ethiopian producers have mastered this method.

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