Mazzer Kony S
Mazzer Kony S

Mazzer Kony S

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The Mazzer Kony S Electronic Grinder joins the lineup of the latest high-tech and intuitive grinders from Mazzer. Integrating what has been core to the success of Mazzer grinders , they’ve delivered again with exceptional quality and high grinding performances whilst improving further on the dose consistency, the user interface and functionality. 

Using 63mm Steel conical burrs the Kony S can achieve lightning fast grinding speeds of 3g/sec. Limiting the motor to a very low 420RPMs and the addition of a secondary cooling fan keeps coffee safe from temperature exposure, preserving maximum aromas and producing a very reliable and consistent grind size.

Mazzer has introduced what they call the GFC (Grind Flow Control) System in their latest range. The GFC system consists of a removable aluminum insert that sits between the Burrs and the grinds chute. Equipped with three interchangeable wire dampers, these wire aim to drastically reduce static and manage the flow of the grinds out for an improved dose consistency.



With three programmable doses that can be quickly changed from the purposefully titled LC display, you’re able to add a pause during a dose to help settle the bed of coffee and a manual purge button helps empty the chamber quickly. The new built‐in memory board is cloud compatible and can keep track of coffee statistics, it will track maintenance schedules you’ve created and will update with the latest software from Mazzer. 

The Kony S features an easy system for cleaning of the grinding chamber, quickly and without losing your grind setting, you’ll have full access to the burr chamber without unscrewing off the top burrs. A grinding adjustment is made easier thanks to the user-friendly “Memory Track” index that lets you mark waypoints in the settings. An adjustable portafilter holder now provides true hands-free grinding for your barista, so you no longer have to hold the portafilter during operation. 

Ideal For: Medium-Volume Cafes



Latest IoT Technology – Keep Track of your Grinders Performance via the Cloud.

63mm Conical Burrs — Deliver uniform grounds for espresso in seconds.

Hands-Free, On Demand — An adjustable portafilter holder frees you up for other tasks.

Grind Flow Control System – Equipped to limit static and maintain reliable dose weights.

Electronic Dosing — Set dosing time for single, double and triple shots with 0.05sec increments

Double Cooling Fans — Keeps the grinder cool and efficient, even in warm environments.

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