Normcore - 58mm Naked Portafilter - Black PVD Walnut E61
Normcore - 58mm Naked Portafilter - Black PVD Walnut E61

Normcore - 58mm Naked Portafilter - Black PVD Walnut E61

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Designed to fit baskets of 58mm diameter, they're fully compatible with many of the E61, Flair 58, ECM, Rocket, Sanremo, Synesso, Slayer, VBM, etc. Espresso Machine models.

A bottomless portafilter is an important piece of equipment that aids in diagnosing espresso extraction issues. The spouts are removed, the basket is exposed, allowing you to watch the entire extraction process. The Bottomless Portafilter sometimes referred to as a Naked Portafilter has become an essential addition to any quality-orientated espresso shop's barista tools.

Titanium PVD Coating - This low-static coating is harder and more corrosion-resistant. Also significantly reduce the amount of ground that sticks to the tool after each use.

UNIQUE DESIGN - Our coffee tamper is spring-loaded and does not require additional adjustments. It has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip that allows you to push ground coffee easily.

Material: Stainless Steel (Titanium PVD Coating) + Walnut (Handle)
Size: Approx.22.5x8x3cm
Weight: 468g

1 x Bottomless Portafilter
1 x Filter Basket (18g for 54mm; 22g for 58mm)

PLEASE NOTE: Channeling and spurting can be very messy, but are EXTREMELY common. This is not a defect of the portafilter itself, but instead, is your coffee telling you that there's room for improvement in your preparation process (grind size, tamping, distribution, etc.)

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