Normcore Portafilter Stand
Normcore Portafilter Stand
Normcore Portafilter Stand

Normcore Portafilter Stand

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Designed to improve the consistency of your tamps, the Normcore Portafilter Stand serves as a tamping base that keeps your portafilter firmly in place during use. Keep your barista brews consistently delicious with even-handed tamps, held fast by this elegant addition to your tamping station. Compatible with all kinds of portafilters, you never have to struggle with tamping again, especially when using a single-spout basket holder.

Plus it keeps the spout clean, never letting it touch the workbench. With its modern yet timeless design, delivering finesse in form and function at your espresso tamping station, it adds to an impressive set of espresso machine accessories from Normcore that elevates everyday coffee rituals. Compatible with 51mm / 54mm / 58 mm portafilters.

The Specification:
Material: 304 Stainless Steel / Silicone
(Silicone block removable for easy cleaning.)
Dimensions: 114mm L x 80m W x 50mm H / 4.5in L x 3.2in W x 2in H
Weight: approx 270g / 0.6lb

The includes:
1 - Normcore Portafilter Stand

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