Normcore Puckscreen 53.3mm/1.7mm
Normcore Puckscreen 53.3mm/1.7mm
Normcore Puckscreen 53.3mm/1.7mm

Normcore Puckscreen 53.3mm/1.7mm

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The Normcore Puck Screen is a new and exciting tool that we've been using recently. This will help to prevent channeling and ensure a more even and balanced extraction with your machine.


Diameter: 53.3mm

1.7mm thick 316 stainless steel with 150 microns filtration holes 

Note: Given the thermal mass of the screen, it is recommended that it is placed in the portafilter and locked in just before turning on the preheat controller.


Perfect Addition to Espresso Brewing – Improve water distribution and eliminate channeling.

Keeps Brew Head Clean – Protects the brew head from grounds being sucked up when Lever is lifted.

Easy Rinse to Clean – Easily flushed out under the tap to remove any grounds from within.

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