Onyx Coffee - Costa Rica Las Lajas SL28 Natural
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Onyx Coffee - Costa Rica Las Lajas SL28 Natural

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Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Grapefruit, Chocolate Ganache, Mango.

Recommended for Filter and Espressos.

This naturally processed coffee has become a staple in our offerings from Central America. Las Lajas is the premier coffee mill in Costa Rica and this lot highlights precisely why they're heralded as the best. This coffee is processed by the Chacon family at their micromill, with close attention paid to drying and cherry selection. Expect notes of berries and a vanilla sweetness throughout, with subtle tropical fruit.

Traditional | ● ● ● ●   ● ● | Modern

Natural & Raised-Bed Dried.

Level: Moderate | Agtron # 69.2


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