Onyx Coffee - Ethiopia Shantawene Layered-Ferment
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Onyx Coffee - Ethiopia Shantawene Layered-Ferment

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Tasting Notes: Apricot, Sugar Cane, Citra Hops, Black Tea
Recommended for both Filters and Espressos.

Shantawene village always produces some of our favorite offerings annually; however, this nano-lot is unique. Utilizing natural bacteria and controlling PH during drying/fermentation, the Abore site managers brought out distinct qualities in the cup resulting in bright, eccentric, citrus-like flavors. These experimental lots are quite small so we suggest moving on them quickly. For best performance, brew as filter instead of espresso with this coffee.

VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Washed, Layered Fermentation, Raised-Bed Dried
ELEVATION: 1905 Meters

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