Onyx Coffee x Brandywine Halloween Collab - Big Kid Candy II
Onyx Coffee x Brandywine Halloween Collab - Big Kid Candy II
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Onyx Coffee x Brandywine Halloween Collab - Big Kid Candy II

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Tasting Notes: Dried Apricot, Killer Confectioner's Sugar, Spooky Black Tea, Silky.
Recommended for Filter and Espressos.

We did it again! For the second year in a row we're  bringing you a little sweet treat in the form of a collaboration with our paranormal pals Brandywine Coffee.

BIG KID CANDY II embraces the sweeter side of the spooky season, while upping the gore factor (a must in a all horror sequels) with another mini comic Illustrated by Todd and written by Elika! 

Collab Details: 

This is a special spooky release featuring artwork by Todd Purse (art direction by Bear), and coffee sourced by Dakota Graff and the Onyx crew! All the bags are hand printed at Brandywine!

The Brandywine version will come in our hand screen printed and wax sealed white bags (Pictured above), and Onyx's will arrive in their beautiful new box with a screen printed bag inside!  

We are both doing our take on this amazing Ethiopian washed offering from the Testi Ayla washing station, and strongly encourage everyone to grab a bag from us and Onyx so you can experience this coffee in two super yummy versions! 

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
WASHING STATION: Testi Ayla Washing Station 
VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESS: Washed, Raised Bed Dried 
ELEVATION: 2000 masl 


This Ethiopia comes from the Testi Ayla washing station, located close to the Shantawene community. We love coffees from this region for their clear notes of stone fruit as well as the delicate florals brought forth with meticulous brewing practices. This coffee has all that, and more, thanks to the hard work of Faysel Yonis and the team at the washing station. Grown by smallholder farmers throughout the Harenna Forest Preserve, each small picking is delivered to the station and then meticulously sorted for only the ripest cherries. Sorting is standard practice throughout the three collection sites, as well as depulping with cold groundwater in order to extend the fermentation times for up to 48 hours. This extended fermentation time creates an incredibly complex coffee on the cupping table. Our friends at Trabocca Coffee recognized this stunning lot early in the harvest and flagged a sample for us, where we promptly booked the entire lot for this collaboration.

Modern. Heirloom. Natural & Raised-Bed Dried.

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