Origin Coffee - Colombia El Obraje
Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee - Colombia El Obraje

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Tasting notes: Clementine, Lemonade, Caramel.


Pablo inherited his family farm in 2000, which used to grow grain and wheat until he took over.

The first coffee varieties planted there were more traditional, and Pablo largely relied on others to process these for him because he didn’t have a mill on site. Little by little, he has invested in more facilities and rare varietals at the farm. Since then, he has experimented with a lot of different processing methods.

These washed coffee cherries were fermented in a bag with water for 20 hours, before being removed and fermented for another 24 hours without any water. The coffee was then dried on a shaded raised bed for 16 days This process highlights the acidity of the coffee, which is carried by a long caramel-like finish.

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