Origin Coffee - Brazil Monte Alto Natural
Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee - Brazil Monte Alto Natural

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Tasting notes: Damson, Honeydew, Caramel.


Manoel inherited his passion for speciality coffee from his father. Years of hard work enabled him to acquire small parts of land to plant his coffee. He now continues to manage 20 hectares of land alongside his family, along with overseeing production. It is commonplace for crops to be mechanically harvested in the local area but Manoel still choses to manually harvest his crops. This provides more employment opportunities to other families in the area.

Mundo Novo is a hybrid of the Bourbon and Typica coffee varietals found in Brazil. It is not only characterised by high yield, but incredible quality, which translates to a delicious cup profile. The coffee inherited beautiful flavour characteristics during the drying and fermenting phase of the natural process, showcasing layered flavours of Damson and Honeydew Melon in the final cup.

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