Perc Coffee - Costa Rica, La Alquimia
Perc Coffee

Perc Coffee - Costa Rica, La Alquimia

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Tasting Notes: Grapefruit & Nougat.

Elevation: 1300–1600 masl
Yellow Honey

Finca La Alquimia consists of two smaller farms run by sisters. The farm has been in their family for two generations. The sisters grow more than ten varieties of coffee. The farms share a micro mill, Cerro San Luis, adjacent to their farm. They take great care to make sure only the highest quality coffee leaves the farm.

This Yellow-Honey processed coffee from Finca La Alquimia is a unique sensory experience of non-traditional efforts! That's due in large part to a marriage of cultivar and processing. Costa Rica is known for having tasty Honey processed coffees, but not so much so for the SL28 variety. The cultivar SL28 may sound familiar. That's because it is typically associated with Kenyan coffees. SL28 is a plant selectively grown in Scott Agricultural Lab and plays a significant role in the Kenyan flavor profile that is so iconic. We want to showcase how intentional efforts from growers on opposite sides of the world can come together to create a fantastic cup of coffee reminiscent of both origins.

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