Perc Coffee - Holiday Blend
Perc Coffee

Perc Coffee - Holiday Blend

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Tasting Notes: Fruit Cakes & Snuggies.

Origin: the heart
Elevation: all the way
Process: loving-kindness
Variety: smiles + laughter
Harvest: bountiful

The Yeti has gone away on a permanent vacation. While he’s chilling on a beach, with his service to society in the rearview mirror, he can’t help noticing something moving in the surf. Is it a great white shark or a giant squid? Nope, it’s our new friend, the Narwhal, and they’re bringing us the best gift money can buy – love in a cup. So don’t give Auntie Fern a gift card she’ll never use. Stuff her stocking with a gift that will knock her socks off - the PERC Holiday Blend. It’s so good she’s gonna bust out the cardboard and breakdance right there in the rumpus room. Now that’ll be a holiday to remember, am I right?

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