Perc Coffee - Honduras La Joya
Perc Coffee

Perc Coffee - Honduras La Joya

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Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruit & Panela.

Güinope, El Paraiso, Honduras
Elevation: 1580 - 1740 MASL
Process: natural
Variety: Parainema, Lempira

Finca La Joya is a farm operated by Tony Castro just outside Güinope in the Department of El Paraiso and boasts an elevation of around 1700m (about 5500 feet) above sea level, contributing to the coffee's elegant flavor profile. The coffee cherries are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness before heading to the drying facility, where the coffee is rotated regularly and tested for moisture content and quality during each processing stage. 

We were really impressed with this naturally processed coffee from La Joya, and this lot is particularly exciting because it was dried using solar dryers that were built specifically for Tony. The resulting cup has waves of tropical fruits like mango mixed with a pronounced sweetness that reminds us of raw sugar in the cup. We recommend using the Aeropress to lean into the round, sweet, and fruity vibes that La Joya is rocking.

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