Perc Coffee - Mexico, Carlos Cadena
Perc Coffee

Perc Coffee - Mexico, Carlos Cadena

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Tasting Notes: Mixed Berries, Cola.

Origin: Veracruz
Elevation: 1350 masl
Process: carbonic macerated honey
Variety: Typica

Finca Huehuetepan is a farm owned by Carlos Cadena. The farm focuses on producing outstanding coffee sustainably. They reuse as much of the byproduct of coffee production as possible. The cherry pulp goes into compost which helps grow other beneficial plants throughout the farm. In addition, there is a water recapture system used to water the coffee plants. Carlos is at the forefront of new developments in fermentation practices. 

We sourced this Mexico with our friends over at Forward Coffee. It's a Carbonic Macerated Honey processed Typica. One of the three coffees sourced during our Cuppapalooza™ (a blind 20 sample marathon of amazing coffees sent by Forward Coffee), this coffee is crazy good. We tried it on the first table of samples, and it immediately set the tone for the quality of coffees we were tasting. Throughout the remainder of the session, we kept talking about much this coffee slapped. We initially only planned to source two coffees from our Cuppapalooza, but with this magnificent Mexico, we added a third.

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