Pirates of Coffee - El Clasico, Colombia Tolima
Pirates of Coffee

Pirates of Coffee - El Clasico, Colombia Tolima

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A sweet and clean cup that has the perfect balance of chocolate and nuts. This Colombian Coffee is produced by Tres Rayas Cooperative.

El Clásico is a versatile single-origin coffee that hits the spot for casual coffee drinkers and coffee connoisseurs.

Enjoy it as filter or espresso and with milk or milk alternatives.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut, Citrus

Cup Score: 82.75 ☕

It was produced by Tres Rayas Cooperative in Tolima, Colombia and is part of the Starts with Soil initiative by Equation Coffee, which supports Colombian coffee farmers.

Pirates of Coffee is the first Canadian roaster to support Starts with Soil by featuring their coffee and we are proud of it.

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