Pirates of Coffee - Fruit Bombe Anaerobic, Ethiopia Ayla Bombe
Pirates of Coffee

Pirates of Coffee - Fruit Bombe Anaerobic, Ethiopia Ayla Bombe

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This beautiful anaerobic natural-processed Ethiopian from Bombe, Sidamo is tropical, juicy and clean. The sweet aromatics combined with tropical fruit acidity result in an extremely enjoyable cup experience from bean to brew.

This is our second coffee from Testi Coffee in Bombe Village. Our previous Fruit Bombe quickly became a Crew Favourite. Fruit Bombe Anaerobic is actually the same coffee from the same producer, but with a different anaerobic processing method.

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Melon, Kiwi, Grape Juice, Lavender
Cup score
: 89.50 ☕ 

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Producer: Faysel Abdosh, Testi Coffee

Fruit Bombe Anaerobic is quite versatile to brew. Enjoy it on filter (v60, aeropress, Chemex, and other filter methods) or espresso, black or with milk/alt-milk.


Firstly, the cherries are immersed in water tanks and the low-density floating cherries are removed. Then, these cherries are sealed in an airtight fermentation tank. The Tanks are constantly monitored for 7 days to ensure no oxygen seeps through. The tank is placed in a rotating water bath to maintain a constant temperature between 15 - 18°C. On the seventh day as soon as the desired profile is achieved with the PH level dropping to 3.8 the tanks are opened. 

The second step is the drying process where the quick drying method is used to drop the humidity of cherries to 35% and then the cherries are dried further under the sun for 30 days. Once the cherries have reached 12% humidity they are stored in the warehouse for four week resting period. 


☠️ Single origin from Ethiopia

☠️ Region: Bombe, Sidamo

☠️ Grade 1 Arabica coffee beans

☠️ Producer: Faysel Abdosh, Testi Coffee

☠️ Varietal: Ethiopian Landrace - 74110, 74148, 71158

☠️ Process: Anaerobic Natural

☠️ Cup Score: 89.50

☠️ Tasting notes:

  • Blackberry
  • Melon
  • Kiwi
  • Grape Juice
  • Lavender

☠️ Brew: Filter/Espresso

☠️ Altitude: 2050 masl

☠️ Harvest: February 2022

☠️ Imported by: Pirates of Coffee

☠️ Roast: Light/Medium

☠️ Whole bean

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