Pirates of Coffee - Masai, Tanzania Peaberry Washed
Pirates of Coffee

Pirates of Coffee - Masai, Tanzania Peaberry Washed

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Masai is our first coffee from Tanzania and also the first coffee in our Afro Series, which celebrates the beautiful coffees coming out of Africa, the continent where coffee was first discovered. That's a lot of firsts!

Produced by Uni AMCOS in Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania, this beautiful washed processed peaberry Bourbon is juicy and soothing, with just the right balance of sweetness and fruits.

Tasting Notes: Cotton Candy, Apple, Orange Jam, Toffee

Cup score: 87.75 ☕ 

Process: Washed

Producer: Umi AMCOS

Masai is quite versatile to brew. Enjoy it on Filter or Espresso, black or with milk/alt-milk. 


The Umi AMCOS is located near the village of Itepula, in the Mbozi district of the Songwe region in Tanzania. Representing the local smallholder producers that deliver fresh cherries during the harvest season, Umi was created in 2014 and produces fully washed coffees.


The Coffee beans are extracted from the coffee cherries and then graded using channels. The beans are then fermented for 18 - 36 hours before being washed. The coffee is then soaked for 8 - 12 hours and then placed on raised beds for 8 - 14 days to dry. The drying beds are continuously moved to ensure uniform drying throughout the lot. The leftover pulp is then given back to the farmers to be used as fertilizer. 


☠️ Single origin from Tanzania

☠️ Region: Mbozi, Songwe

☠️ Grade 1 Arabica coffee beans

☠️ Producer: Umi AMCOS

☠️ Varietal: Bourbon (Peaberry)

☠️ Process: Washed

☠️ Cup Score: 87.75

☠️ Brew: Filter/Espresso

☠️ Altitude: 1810 - 1940 masl

☠️ Harvest: November 2021

☠️ Roast: Light/Medium

☠️ Whole Bean

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