Pirates of Coffee - Philosophy, Yemen Natural
Pirates of Coffee - Philosophy, Yemen Natural
Pirates of Coffee

Pirates of Coffee - Philosophy, Yemen Natural

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Tasting notes: Tangerine, Black Cherry, Apricot, Papaya, Black Tea

We named this natural processed Yemeni coffee Philosophy because it's our go-to coffee to perform creative work, to improve concentration or to engage in thought-provoking conversations.

This natural processed Udaini variety was produced by Sabcomeed in Al Udain. It has a complex cup profile but is also quite approachable at the same time.

After the Ottoman invasion and occupation of Yemen in 1536, coffee made its way to the heart of the Ottoman empire, to Constantinople, known as Istanbul today. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent—the esteemed ruler of the Ottoman Empire—found the drink so delectable that he employed 40 coffee masters, who roamed the halls of the Topkapi Palace.

Soon coffee became immensely popular across the Ottoman Empire, as men would congregate at coffeehouses to socialize, educate one another, and exchange information. Since talking about global issues were frowned upon within the mosques, people would meet at coffeehouses in order to discuss various topics, such as protests and rumors of war.

Origin: Yemen
Region: Al Udain
Producer: Sabcomeed
Altitude: 1600 masl.
Varietal: Udaini
Cup score: 87.00 ☕ 
Process: Natural

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