Proud Mary Coffee - Deep Thinker
Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee - Deep Thinker

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Tasting Notes:  Apricot, peach, vanilla, white florals, & syrupy

About: Juana Gallardo and her family started their coffee farm five years ago. Based in San José de Alban, Nariño, they have a small 4 hectares where they grow Caturra and Varidad Colombia varieties. Situated at 1920 masl, the cool climate allows for the nice slow drying of coffee which locks in flavour and extends shelf life. For this lot whole cherries were pulped and spread out in thin layers on raised beds to dry as a honey process. It has a thick syrupy body and lots of yellow stone fruit flavours.

Region: San José de Alban, Nariño

Elevation: 1920 masl

Variety: Colombia

Process: Honey

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