Proud Mary Coffee - Ethiopia Yohannes Yoyo Filter
Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee - Ethiopia Yohannes Yoyo Filter

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Tasting Notes: Mango, peach, lemongrass, & sparkling

About: Love the name, love the coffee. Yohannes Yoyo inherited his farm, Meko Nisa, from his father in 1980. More than 30 years later, he and his wife are producing some incredible coffees. At a lofty 1900 metres above sea level where the warm days and cool nights are ideal conditions for cultivating those sweet, dense coffee cherries. Yohannes grows three different JARC varietals (74110, 74112, and 74158 for those Ethiopian coffee nerds out there). JARC stands for the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre and is responsible for identifying and cataloguing all the different wild coffee varieties in Ethiopia. This lot was dried as whole cherry for approximately 18 to 22 days (low and slow is key for naturals) and stored to rest and stabilise before being milled. We were very excited to find this coffee and hope it is the beginning of a new relationship for us.

Region: Bensa, Sidamo.

Elevation: 1900 masl

Variety: JARC 74110, 74112, and 74158.

Process: Natural


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