Proud Mary Coffee - Far Out
Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee - Far Out

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Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, & syrupy.

About: The Jabanto Farmer’s Group was established in 2017 to make it viable for smallholder producers to export their coffee directly to international markets. It started in 2017 with 29 producers out of the Yirgacheffe and Kochere Woredas (counties) in the Gedeo zone. The group has been so successful that its size has grown to more than 40 producers who now produce 220 metric tons of high-quality coffee a year. This lot is a blend of a few different varieties grown in the area, including Kurume. Processed via the natural method, whole cherries are dried on raised beds for 18-21 days and pulled once they reach 9.5-10.5% moisture. Such controlled drying maintains the integrity of the cell structure within the coffee seeds, improving their flavour and shelf-life.

Region: Yirgacheffe & Kochere, Gedeo

Elevation: 1780 - 2300 masl

Variety: Mixed

Process: Natural

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