Proud Mary Coffee - Fluffy Pillow (Decaf)
Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee - Fluffy Pillow (Decaf)

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Tasting Notes: Caramelised fig, raw sugar, & brown spice


Such a great decaf, this will take you on a great coffee journey and deliver a clean and vibrant cup that will leave you wanting more. No fear of missing out here, this decaf sure is one quality coffee!

The Popayan Reserve is a regional lot from the department of Cauca, Colombia. This region was chosen as it is conducive to producing coffees with good body and sweetness. Currently 67 select farms contribute to this regional lot and it provides employment for over 400 people.

This coffee is decaffeinated using ethyl acetate (derivative from sugar-cane). It selectively removes the caffeine from the coffee while leaving all the other tasty flavour compounds. Ethyl acetate occurs in ripening fruit and is a highly volatile compound meaning that none of it remains after the coffee has been roasted. 

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