Proud Mary Coffee - Full Noise
Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee - Full Noise

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Tasting Notes:  Bakers chocolate, red grape, passionfruit, winey, & syrupy.
Roasted on 1 Oct 2021. 

About: La Cereza (The Cherry) is a community wet mill, research centre, and eco-farm located in the lush green hills above San Augustin, Huila. From here, Felipe Ospina processes coffees from surrounding farms, runs training courses, and carries out experiments to make coffee tastier and more sustainable. This lot was picked on the edge of over-ripeness and sealed in airtight barrels to ferment. After, it was shifted to raised beds and dried as a natural. This carbonic maceration (CM) process has created a very bold coffee with notes of bakers chocolate, tropical fruits, and winey.

PRODUCER: Felipe Ospina

FARM: Colombia La Cereza


VARIETY: Bourbon & Caturra


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