Proud Mary Coffee - Rom Com
Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee - Rom Com

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Tasting Notes:  Vanilla, peach, apricot, & jammy.
Roasted on 1 Oct 2021. 

About: Oreti Estate was founded in 1946 by Peter Harries, Boyce’s grandfather. The estate is named after Oreti Beach in New Zealand, where Boyce’s grandparents met for the first time. In 1961 Peter decided to plant 17 hectares of the SL14 coffee variety, despite it being difficult to grow, because he felt it tasted the best out of all the SL (Scott Labs) varieties. Now, Oreti Estate is one of, if not the last place in Kenya growing SL14. This lot was processed via the honey method, still very rare in Kenya. The coffee cherries are pulped and then dried on raised beds in the sugary mucilage. This results in a sweeter and bigger-bodied coffee.

PRODUCER: Boyce Harries

FARM: Kenya Oreti Estate




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