Rogue Wave Coffee - Colombia Ana Doney Natural Anaerobic WWF Castillo
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Rogue Wave Coffee - Colombia Ana Doney Natural Anaerobic WWF Castillo

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This Anaerobic Natural processed coffee is bright and citrusy with notes of:

White Grape | Honey | Pear | Guava | Orange | Cocoa

Great for both filter and exciting espresso.

Origin: Colombia
Farm: La Primavera
Producer: Ana Doney
Region: Quindio
Harvest: Spring/Summer 2021
Variety: Castillo
Elevation: 1550-1600 MASL
Process: Natural Anaerobic "White Wine Fermentation"*
Fermentation: Two stage anaerobic whole cherry fermentation, with a drying phase between the two fermentation. The first stage is a 30 hour anaerobic fermentation (whole cherry) at a lower, controlled temperature, and then dried on raised beds until moisture a 20% moisture level is achieved. The coffees are then gathered in grain pro bags for 80 hours. The fermentation is named as such for its white wine notes and bright acidity in the cup.
Drying time: 10 days on raised beds under 15-25C
Drying temperature: 28 °C Max. - 15 °C Min.

More about Ana Doney:

Ana Doney is a first-generation coffee producer with over 10 years of experience growing coffee on her farm, La Primavera in Quindío, Colombia. She and her husband grow Castillo, Caturra, and Pink Bourbon. They have also begun processing naturals, thanks to the guidance of Cofinet (under Jairo and Felipe Arcila guidance).

After harvesting only the ripest, deep red/purple Castillo cherries, Ana has utilized a fascinating method, thanks to Cofinet's guidance, called "White Wine Fermentation". This lot begins with a 30-hour aerobic fermentation in ceramic tanks. It is then taken to raised beds to dry until 20% moisture is achieved. At this marker, Jairo then places the coffee cherries into sealed GrainPro bags for 80 hours to ferment an additional time. Then, they are left to dry again on raised beds until 10.5% moisture. This method is inspired by the styling of Malolactic Fermentation, utilized in the wine industry.

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