Roseline Coffee - Colombia Amparo Botina
Roseline Coffee - Colombia Amparo Botina
Roseline Coffee

Roseline Coffee - Colombia Amparo Botina

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TASTING NOTES - Strawberry, Vanilla, Sassafras


The know-how, discipline and care that Amparo and Edmundo pour into their coffee shines through in the cup. This coffee has clarity with pronounced flavor and intense aromatics. Desirable for anyone who truly enjoys those hard-to-find gems, produced by good people, with intention.


Amparo Moncayo Botina has always had a passion for coffee, and through her continued cultivation follows the legacy of her family. She and her husband, Edmundo Botina, predominantly produce coffee on their farms, El Encinal and Los Arrayanes, in the municipality of Pasto. El Encinal, the higher of the two farms located between 1,900 and 1,950 masl, is situated within the Vereda of La Caldera. Caturra trees fill this hillside farm, and are sheltered by fique plants that are cultivated in tandem. Carefully ensuring that each pass through rows of Caturra trees, Amparo ensures the hand-picked coffee cherry is at its optimal ripeness (one of the most important steps in the farm management system). The fruit then goes into a traditional post-harvest process, where the beans are depulped, washed, and then fermented for 18-24 hours. After fermentation, they are placed onto raised beds to dry for 15 days. At the end of this time, the beans go to the Café Occidente Nariño cooperative for a final quality assessment.

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