Roundhill Roastery - Almaz Sahille Ethiopia Natural (Filter)
Roundhill Roastery

Roundhill Roastery - Almaz Sahille Ethiopia Natural (Filter)

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Turkish Delight, Red Grape, Cacao

Dega, Wolisho


2000 masl

This coffee is from a single producer, something that has become more common in Ethiopia since the liberalisation of the industry a few years ago. Prior to the liberalisation of the ECX Ethiopian coffees were restricted to regional blends of differing grades. It excites us so much that we can now buy individual lots from utterly amazing producers.

Almaz Sahille Horo is a 46 year old woman who got into coffee farming
at a young age, working the land she inherited from her father. Almaz has received an award for being a model farmer in her community. She mainly produces naturals on her farm which is located in the woreda of Konga, a region well known for producing some of the best lots from Yirgacheffe. Individual farmers in Ethiopia have been given more freedom to export their own coffee in recent years, but few farmers know where to start. They are not able to reach the importers or roasters on their own, so many continue to sell their coffee to washing stations where they earn a fixed price, and lose their identity by being blended into larger lots.

This marks the last coffee from the 2020/21 harvest as we will be moving to fresher crops in the coming weeks. We are delighted to say that we have a few more single farm lots for you to taste.

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