Roundhill Roastery - Ethiopia Balesi Dingu Natural (Espresso)
Roundhill Roastery

Roundhill Roastery - Ethiopia Balesi Dingu Natural (Espresso)

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TASTE Sparkling Wine, Lavender, Strawberry Milkshake

ORIGIN Ethiopia

FARMER Balesi Dingu

VARIETAL Dega, Wolisho


ALTITUDE 2031 masl

Balesi Dingu is a pioneering coffee farmer from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Single farm coffees from Ethiopia have up until recently been very difficult to find and we are very excited for a long working relationship with Balesi going forward. This lot is comprised of Dega and Wolisho, named varietals in Ethiopian coffees is also something we’re excited about as due to the nature of Ethiopian small holds and the myriad of indigenous varietals these coffees tend to be landrace/ heirloom, meaning a mix of unidentified coffees.

Dried for 15 days on African raised beds, placed on shade neds or hessian and rotated constantly for airflow as well as being covered by plastic or shade nets at night to avoid mould. The care and attention that goes into this coffee and others we’ve had from Balesi Dingu really make them stand out, loaded with ripe fruit flavours, and rounded sweetness but with none of the woodiness that can come from less carefully processed naturals.

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