Roundhill Roastery - The Lady Myanmar Red Honey CM (Filter)
Roundhill Roastery

Roundhill Roastery - The Lady Myanmar Red Honey CM (Filter)

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Red Currants, Caramel, Lychee

Red Catuai

Red Honey Carbonic Maceration

1350 masl

This coffee takes its name from the local village from which both the farmers live and work. The Lady is a processing facility created in 2018 by two leading lights of the Myanmar specialty scene: Thi Ha Gyawalie and Su Nandar Linn. Both are responsible for running their separate family farms but have joined forces with The Lady to support and champion the efforts of farmers in the Ywangan region, with its limited edition lots produced exclusively by women. This coffee is one of only three lots processed this year and the only honey-processed lot using the carbonic maceration technique, this is the lot which really stood out for us.

The initial stage begins in early spring when the coffee trees are in main harvest and the farmers in the community are picking. This particular lot has been produced by 51 female farmers all from the Nwar Ban Gyi village. Once the ripe cherries have been delivered to the washing station they are floated in water for 18 hours, with the under and over ripe cherries being removed by hand. They are then placed in a 500 litre tank fitted with a one way valve for 48 hours this creates a lot of controlled fermentation and really boozy flavours. The cherries are then pulped and dried on raised beds for 12-15 days being turned regularly to control the drying process.

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