Roundhill Roastery - Unit Fourteen Colombia Washed (Espresso)
Roundhill Roastery - Unit Fourteen Colombia Washed (Espresso)
Roundhill Roastery

Roundhill Roastery - Unit Fourteen Colombia Washed (Espresso)

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Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Golden Syrup

Caturra, Castillo, Colombia


1800 - 2000 masl

Madremonte is a name inspired by the women who contribute to this coffee with a little twist of Colombian mythology. This coffee is entirely produced by female producers who are all paid a premium for delivering quality coffees for a program run by the exporter in the region called Coocentral.

According to Colombian mythology, Madremonte (Mother of the Forest) is the protector of nature and forest animals and is unforgiving when humans enter their domains to alter or destroy them. She can be identified with Mother Nature and Mistress of the Animals.

Coffee production is this area is as follows, coffee cherries are picked in 3-4 passes over a few months to ensure only ripe cherries are harvested. It is common for the farmers to have a small beneficio (farm house), a manual or electric pulper and a fermentation tank. Once the days pickings are done they will pulp the cherries in the afternoon. Then the cherries are going straight from the pulper in to the fermentation tank before being washed, graded and dried for 10-18 days.

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