Sanremo Cube R Espresso Machine
Sanremo Cube R Espresso Machine
Sanremo Cube R Espresso Machine
Sanremo Cube R Espresso Machine

Sanremo Cube R Espresso Machine

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- 1.9 L

- Heat exchanger

- Stainless steel

- 1500 W/230 Vac - 1300 W/120 Vac power

- Fully insulated to improve heating efficiency


Selectable water supply

- 1.8 L internal water tank

- Ability to plumb into main water line

- Removable water tank

- Integrated protection cover and anti-drip valve

- Rounded internal edges for an easier cleaning

- Strong three-position tap to select input water supply from (Main-closed-tank)


Steam wand

- Cool touch (Anti-burning feature even with prolonged use. Steam wands are fitted with latte art high-performance steam terminals.)

- Purge function


Hot water tap

- Removable nozzle for easier cleaning


Volumetric pump (Rotary)

- High-performance

- Rated 54 L/h


LED panel

- High-efficiency prompts

- Machine on/off, machine ready/heated up, and water tank alarm indicator



Multi-function user display

- Adjust boiler temperature

- Shot clock for extraction time

- Enable and program water filter expiry

- Messages for water level and faults


Internal spillover basin

- Made in high-resistance plastic

- Completely closed to protect user and internal components


Green mindset

- Energy-saving system

- Put the machine on standby mode when not in use, allowing a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

- Compliant to “Ecodesign” European directive 2009/125/EC for home appliances


Electronic thermal management

- Solid state relay

- PID algorithm

- High thermal stability and reactivity


Internal wi-fi module

- Connect a smartphone via the WebApp

- Point-to-point or cloud communication

- Gives control and interaction

- OverTheAir technology

- Allows automatic software updating

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