September Coffee - Milk Espresso Daterra Brazil
September Coffee - Milk Espresso Daterra Brazil
September Coffee - Milk Espresso Daterra Brazil
September Coffee

September Coffee - Milk Espresso Daterra Brazil

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Process: Pulped Natural 
Impressions: Rich Chocolate, Walnut, Nougat

Farm: Daterra 
Variety: Peaberry
Region: Cerrado
Country: Brazil
Altitude: 1150 MASL
Roast Level: Medium

Daterra Milk Espresso is our presentation of a rich daily espresso for dairy, without dairy or for the coffee lover who loves a more traditional comfortable coffee while still wanting a single origin offering (no blends around here). But truly, this coffee shines when used in a Latte, flat white or any other espresso based beverage. 

Coming from Daterra, this is one of the most sophisticated coffee operations in the world. It is located near the city of Patrocinio, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is the classic and famed Cerrado region of Brazil, where the fertile land is flat and ideal for coffee growing.

Daterra's beautiful coffee-producing systems have turned the farm into an intensive network of lots, all monitored individually. Many have automated irrigation systems to ensure ideal nutrients and water make it to the plants themselves. 

When it comes time to harvest, Daterra will send members of the team to different lots to evaluate the cherry and will harvest small batches to strategize on when to harvest each individual varietal and ensure peak timing. The quality team will then make decisions on how to utilize each of these coffees and where on the menu they will be used.

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