SingleO - Burundi Nyamuguri
SingleO - Burundi Nyamuguri
SingleO - Burundi Nyamuguri

SingleO - Burundi Nyamuguri

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TASTE: Mandarin, pink grapefruit & lychee.

VARIETY: Red Bourbon.
PRODUCER: Nyamugari Washing Station.

ONE MORE THING: Once lost in bulk, and commercial exports. Burundi coffee is considered a hidden gem amongst specialty coffee aficionados. The land-locked country is known for its vibrant coffee, and this washed Red Bourbon falls right into that department. Produced by Nyamugari Washing Station, it sparkles with notes of mandarin & lychee. A true gem.


Espresso: 20g:56g - 21sec.
Filter: 15g:250g - 3.35min.
Batch: 60g/l or 72g/1.2l

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