SingleO - El Cedro El Salvador

SingleO - El Cedro El Salvador

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TASTE: Floral, blueberry & citrus

VARIETY: Pacamara
PROCESS: Natural
ORIGIN: Chalatenango, El Salvador
PRODUCER: Angelino Landaverde

Heroes series is our damn special stuff, and that’s just what El Cedro by Angelino Landaverde is. It’s a drool-worthy pacamara variety, which goes a long way to explaining the punchy floral and citrus notes. Exceptional natural processing is a hallmark too, with a meticulous 14 day drying program. El Cedro also punches above its weight on the environmental front. There are around 3000 shade trees on this 4 hectare farm, providing the cool conditions to help turn out dense ripe red cherry, and also provide a biologically diverse oasis. Punch in!

V60: 15g in/ 250g out/ 2:30 mins/ 96°
BATCH: 60g/L or 72g/1.2L

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