SingleO - Ethiopia Kercha

SingleO - Ethiopia Kercha

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Roasted on 25 Oct 2021.

TASTE: Tropical fruit, strawberry & shortbread

VARIETY: Heirloom

PROCESS: Natural

ORIGIN: Guji, Kercha

PRODUCER: Kercha Washing Station

ALTITUDE: 1900-2100m

In the southern Oromia region of Ethiopia, the Guji Zone is known for its many high-altitude coffee producing areas located within dense old forests, providing cooling shade for slow fruit maturation. The slow maturation, thanks to all the forest cover, produces exceptionally sweet coffee, exemplified by Ethiopia Kercha’s flavours of tropical fruit, strawberry & shortbread. It’s a coffee that truly has it made in the shade.

FAM roast (Our acronym thingy for ‘For All Methods’) is how we roll, meaning you can use any coffee from Single O for any brewing method, ranging from your filter through to your espresso, unless from time to time when we recommend something specifically for espresso only or for filter only, and we’ll let you know.

For the espresso dial inners out there (Luv yas!)

DOSE: 21g
YIELD: 53g
TIME: 26 sec

And here you go filter fiends

V60: 15g / 250g / 3:00 mins / 97°

Batch: 60 g/L or 75g / 1.2L

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