ST.ALi - El Salvador Finca Mauritania (Washed Espresso)

ST.ALi - El Salvador Finca Mauritania (Washed Espresso)

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Tasting Notes: Orange Chocolate, Milk Tea.
Recommended for Espressos.

This coffee is from one of the family farms of the revered Aida Batlle.  Aida is well known as a tenacious trailblazer, sometimes called the "Coffee Rockstar"— a name she loves! Her special passion is in post-harvest techniques, experimenting with everything from fermentation, yeast inoculations, drying methods—and basically every variable you can think of. Aida Batlle is at the forefront of post-harvest techniques, paving the way for the modern processing movement. This movement is based on experimentation, trial and error, and the pursuit of more: more consistency, more exploration, more flavour.

Aida has four farms she looks after (three passed down from her father and one of her own) while also running the Aida Batlle Selection program where she consults with producers to help them develop perfect, consistent profiles for their coffees.

ST. ALi green bean buyer Lucy Ward has worked with Aida for many years, becoming a dear friend—but the coffee from her family farms has always been beyond our reach. It’s pre-sold every year to a select few customers (Counter Culture, Blue Bottle, and the like) who are among her longest-standing partners since she began in 2013. For us to get this coffee three years in a row is an extreme privilege indeed.

This coffee is the perfect example of what Aida can do, a washed process tasting of Terry's Chocolate Orange and milk tea.

COUNTRY: El Salvador
FARM NAME: Finca Mauritana
PRODUCER: Aida Batlle
ALTITUDE: 1400 - 1600

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