The Community - Guadalupe Zaju Anaerobic Natural - Mexico
The Community - Guadalupe Zaju Anaerobic Natural - Mexico
The Community

The Community - Guadalupe Zaju Anaerobic Natural - Mexico

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Tasting Notes: Gentle Acidity, Tea-Like, Creamy.
Recommended for Filter and Espresso.

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Poached Apples, Winter Melon, Honeydew, Pine Nuts, Oolong Tea.

Varietal: F1
Origin: Mexico
Region / Farm: Chiapas / Finca Guadalupe Zaju
Producer / Co-Operative: Teddy Esteve
Harvest: March 2021
Processing: Anaerobic Fermented, Dried Natural

Mexico is a largely unexplored origin for us & we’re excited to start uncovering some gems from it! Finca Guadalupe Zaju has been a farm for the last few decades which traditionally produced commodity coffee & a few other crops, but all that is behind it for the better since Teddy Esteve bought over the farm in the early 2000’s to focus on growing specialty coffee.

Finca Guadalupe Zaju is located in Chiapas, along Mexico’s famed “Coffee Route”. The coffees at Teddy’s farms are all shade grown, as environmental stewardship is something that Teddy as well as his team of experts believe in & have committed to. With a strict regimen of intelligent fertilisation, pruning as well as renovation, this has resulted in an increase in yield that’s almost double of what the Chiapas region is known for.

Teddy has also chosen to grow Hybrid varieties as a majority of his crops. Hybrid varieties which are one of our favourites, as they marry high quality potential with resistance to drought & rust mostly. This means producers help the genetic diversity of the crops they grow & are also rewarded for the quality that accompanies it.

Recently, Teddy hired the help of post-harvest expert Camilo Merizalde of Finca Santuario in Colombia. Camilo has set up various projects across Colombia & Brazil, helping producers with processing techniques as well as exploring new experiments. Together, they’ve constructed a few experimental processes that helps to elevate the flavour profiles of Teddy’s coffees.

This lot underwent an 82hr anaerobic fermentation in closed tanks. The lack of oxygen allows more time for yeasts & bacteria within the environment to work on the mucilage within the cherries, creating complex flavours. After the cherries are removed, they are immediately moved to dry in any of the mill’s 10 Guardiolas. The drying process is closely monitored at a low temperature of 40degrees Celsius until it reaches the desired moisture level of 11-12%.

This coffee as crisp yet gentle acidity with a delicate tea-like sweetness. We are most impressed by the creamy mouthfeel, something that we think the combination of the varietal & the processing method has contributed to. In our cuppings, we’ve tasted: Dark Chocolate, Poached Apples, Winter Melon, Honey Dew, Pine Nuts, Oolong Tea.

We’re excited to begin this relationship with Mexican coffees from Finca Guadalupe Zaju & hope to share more of Teddy’s coffees with you.

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