The Community - Aquiares Estate Esperanza - Costa Rica
The Community - Aquiares Estate Esperanza - Costa Rica
The Community

The Community - Aquiares Estate Esperanza - Costa Rica

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Tasting Notes: Winey Acidity, Stewed Fruits, Smooth.
Recommended for Filter and Espresso.

Cupping Notes: Blueberry Compote, Dark Cherries, Raspberry Coulis, Ceylon Tea, Lavender, Grape Candy.

VARIETAL: Esperanza
ORIGIN: Costa Rica
REGION / FARM: Turrialba / Aquiares Estate
HARVEST: March 2021

We’re onto our 2nd coffee from Aquiares Estate & boy is it a banger! We first came across this curious Esperanza variety 2 years ago & we were immediately smitten by its luscious mouthfeel, bright yet sweet flavours as well as tropical flavours. Last year’s harvest was incredibly sweet with a tiny hint of funk, we can’t wait for you to taste 2021’s reiteration!

Esperanza, a hybrid of Caturra & Ethiopia 531, is also known as H3 which is a variant of F1 varieties. F1 may be the key to the future of Specialty Coffee, as it marries the best qualities of varietals that are genetically diverse. Only hand pollination is carried out, as opposed to Genetic Modification. Esperanza has the disease & drought resistant qualities of the Ethiopia 531 as well as the dwarf stature of the Caturra, which helps with the yield factor for producers.

Diego Robelo & his team at Aquiares Estate has been exploring experimental fermentation and drying for a few years now. We’re humbled to be able to taste the incredible progress over the last 3 years. Traditionally, honey and dry process were almost impossible to execute in the Turrialba region due to the humid weather. The team has spent the last few years working on greenhouses as well as improving their Guardiola systems, which has helped tremendously with the drying.

For this particular lot, the coffee was sorted using the floating technique to remove the unripes before it is moved to the greenhouse patios for pre-drying up to 3 days. They were then brought into the greenhouse to be dried on raised beds which allow for a more even drying period. The greenhouses are connected to the Guardiolas, which help to regulate the airflow & humidity making it even more suitable for the low & slow drying technique honey & natural processing requires.

This coffee has an incredible mature wine like acidity, supported by the sweetness of stewed fruits & the smooth mouthfeel. On our cuppings, we’ve tasted flavour notes of: Blueberry Compote, Dark Cherries, Raspberry Coulis, Ceylon Tea, Lavender, Grape Candy. We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do.

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