The Community - Fazenda IP - Brazil Espresso Roast
The Community - Fazenda IP - Brazil Espresso Roast
The Community

The Community - Fazenda IP - Brazil Espresso Roast

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Tasting Notes: Ripe acidity, Caramelized sweetness, Coating finish.
Recommended for Espresso.

Cupping Notes: Baked red apples, Honey, Ripe yellow peach, Toasted Macadamia nuts, Milk chocolate.
 Yellow Catuai
 Sul de Minas, Brazil
Region / Washing Station: Fazenda IP
Producer / Co-Operative: Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira
Harvest: August 2021
Processing: Natural
Weight: 500G

We’re excited to share a new coffee that we’ve developed specially for coffee lovers who enjoy comforting flavours & milk beverages! This 100% Yellow Catuai lot from Fazenda IP is a great representation of classic Brazilian coffees with loads of creamy flavours like macadamias & chocolates, punctuated by a sweet apple-like acidity as well as a honey-like sweetness. We sincerely believe that by choosing the right coffee for the right roast, we do not need to roast it further than necessary to bring out a truly delicious cup. We imagine this to be a great morning coffee, flexible in how you prefer your caffeine needs. As a flat white or cappuccino, we love the sweetness of the chocolates cutting through whilst a French Press or Auto Drip will produce a round & smooth cup that will be sure to give you that morning boost!

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